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Integration & Connectivity Kit

XEP plugged in

RenderX XEP


RenderX does its best to help connect XEP to customer's applications and software systems. The XEP Engine provides extensive and flexible programming interfaces (APIs), and runs as a component of a larger systems in many successful installations.

The Integration & Connectivity Kit includes

· API documentation and Developer's Guide;

· many code samples illustrating the use of XEP in applications with needs in document formatting and report generation;

· ready for deployment components (Servlet, Enterprise Java Bean, Cocoon Component) with complete source code; they serve as both ready-to-use embedding solutions and as elaborated examples, thoroughly tested in production environments.



Distributed Formatting

An important part of the kit is CLISER, XEP client-server protocol. CLISER allows to call XEP from applications written in many other programming languages, including ANSI C, Perl, and Python. An application of CLISER is EnMasse, a distributed multi-server rendering framework.