XEP Servlet Connector version 2.0

Table of Contents

1. Overview
2. Prerequisites
3. Package Contents
4. Compilation
5. Usage

1. Overview

XEP Servlet Connector is a web application built around RenderX XEP XSL FO formatter. It transforms XML documents into PDF or PostScript.

2. Prerequisites

Before installing XEP Servlet Connector, the following components must be installed:

3. Package Contents


the source code;


configuration files and sample HTML form;


Ant build file for the servlet.

4. Compilation

Before compiling, define the following Ant properties:


XEP installation path;


path to the jar file providing the servlet interface;

build.dir (optional)

folder to put compiled classes and war.

Run Ant to build the servlet archive.

5. Usage

XEP Servlet Container supports the following parameters:

xml, xsl

Source XML and transformartion stylesheet.


XSL FO document.


The output format – PDF and PostScript are supported, the default format is PDF.


Options for XEP (no prefix), PDF generator (prefixed with pdf_), PostScript generator (prefixed with ps_) and XSL transformation parameters (prefixed with xsl_). Valid options are described in RenderX XEP documentation.