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At the heart of each RenderX publishing solution is RenderX XEP Engine. Built around the mature, high-quality formatting kernel which passed several years of deployment in a wide range of environments, it continues to improve in the quality of formatting, standards' conformance, support for advanced features and in compliance to strict requirements to the formatted output of print-ready matters.

XEP is an XSL FO and SVG processor. It takes input in XML, applies an XSL transformation to build XSL Formatting Objects representation, and then formats the Formatting Objects into PDF or PostScript. XEP supports multiple raster and vector graphic formats. Among them, Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) is an XML-based vector graphics representation, widely used in business applications and for fine typesetting.

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XEP conforms to Extensible Stylesheet Language (XSL) Version 1.0, a W3C recommendation. It also supports a subset of Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) 1.1 Specification. XEP outputs formatted documents in Adobe's PDF version 1.3 (with optional support for features from newer versions) and PostScript level 2 or 3 formats.

The XEP Engine is written in Java and runs on most Unixes, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and other systems where Java Virtual Machine 1.1.8 or newer is available.


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XEP fits perfectly both desktop and server-side applications. Authors call it from their editors, such as jEdit, Emacs or oXygen, to format books and manuals they are writing, for preview or for publishing. In server-side applications, enterprise customers generate rich reports from their databases, print high volumes of personalized correspondence, or provide tools for on-line creation of customized documents.

We designed XEP with flexibility in mind. To facilitate embedding the formatting engine into the customer's programs, we provide the Developer's Kit, which, along with API and documentation, contains connectors for popular environments. The connectors serve as both ready-to-use wrappers and as carefully written and well-documented code snippets. Our support team does its best to help the customers unleash the full power of XEP in the most appropriate way for each particular case.