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applications and techniques

Books Formatted with XEP

Books in DocBook or TEI on computer science, information technology, and other subjects, formatted with XEP. We fine-tuned the stylesheets, and carefuly chose fonts and layout options.

XSL Tips&Tricks

We created these tests to help people understand XSL FO features. They also demonstrate how XSL FO can be applied to common real-world scenarios, and how special effects (dropcaps, marginalia, scaled images, indices) can be achieved.

Barcodes Generator

A library of SVG barcode generators developed by the RenderX technical team. These generators are tested to work with XEP. Barcodes are simple to represent, but difficult to generate. Our approach uses XSLT to implement the computational part, and SVG to draw the image.

PDFpower: live applications

PDFpower is XEP packaged as a ready-to-use solution for ColdFusion MX. The samples include an electronic library, and SVG viewer and a form for filling applications.

Business Graphics with XEP

Support for both XSL FO and SVG makes XEP a powerful tool for data representation. The demo shows sample data and a report generated from the data. The XSLT stylesheet we developed to generate pies and charts is available for download.

Office Documents

A representative set of examples of office documents, such as meeting minutes, invitations letters, and balance reports, complete with DTDs and stylesheets to render them in PDF via XSL and XEP.