XEP Connector for jEdit version 2.1

Table of Contents

1. Changes since version 1.*
2. Overview
3. Terms of use
4. Installation
5. Copyright notices

1. Changes since version 1.*

XEP Connector for jEdit now uses new RenderX XEP API, introduced in XEP 4.0. Since jEdit 4.2 is final, we've updated the loader to the new interface. jEdit plugin now requires jEdit 4.2.

2. Overview

XEP Connector for jEdit is a set of interface classes that links XEP to jEdit editor (http://www.jedit.org). It registers itself as a jEdit plugin, and permits to apply an XSL FO stylesheet to an XML document open in jEdit, producing a PDF document. There is also a preview option.

3. Terms of use

XEP Connector is a free software, with source code included in the distribution. Permission to copy and modify is hereby granted, with the following condition: any derived work must bear a clear reference to the original product.

4. Installation

  • In order for this module to work, the following software must be installed and properly configured on your computer:

    • Java VM version 1.3 or higher;

    • jEdit version 4.2 or higher;

    • XEP 4.0 or higher.

    Write down the locations of installation directories for XEP and jEdit: you will be prompted for these data during setup.

  • Make sure that jEdit is not running: close all documents, and quit IDE.

  • Run the setup from the jar file, using a Java VM of your choice. Your Java VM must support Java 2, version 1.3 or higher. To run the jar, type the following on the command prompt:

    java -jar setupJEditPlugin.jar

    The system will prompt you for the location of XEP and jEdit root directories.

5. Copyright notices

This module borrows concepts and structure from the XSLT plugin for jEdit by Greg Merrill [http://plugins.jedit.org/plugins/XSLT].