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Today, RenderX is the recognized industry leader for software used for standards based typeset-quality electronic and print output of business content. We provide both standalone software products as well as integrated components into larger business solutions, all based on XEP — our original commercial engine.

All of our software supports content in multiple languages with simple to complex layouts. It is used to combine text, tables, graphics, and images to generate professional typeset quality print products and enhanced electronic products for distribution with interactive links, bookmarks, and electronic security.



Our customers use RenderX software in three primary technical markets:

· The database reporting market — RenderX software is used to create database reports in both PDF and print forms. Our software can dynamically generate reports for display to a user on the web or inside a business system, or stream that data to printers for generating correspondence. Our software is used for database reports for print and electronic products such as bills, invoices, and statements.

· The dynamic content publishing market — RenderX software is used to assemble large volumes of transactional documents and personalized correspondence from multiple sources for print and electronic output. It is used for creating professionally typeset documentation such as prospectuses, mortgage and loan packages, legal proceedings, legislation and other corporate correspondence.

· The technical and book publishing market — RenderX software is used to produce a wide variety of more static, long-lived documents such as educational materials, technical manuals, user guides, legislation, and books. These documents range from simple to extremely complex and can be hundreds to thousands of pages.

Success stories


With hundreds of worldwide customers, from the Global 1000 to smaller organizations, RenderX software is used within virtually every business segment. If you have content and you need it in print or a page representation, RenderX has the right product for your needs.



RenderX works closely with strategic partners all over the world to help customers increase revenue and achieve fast time to market. Through global alliances with top-tier system integrators, technology partners, resellers and OEM's, RenderX offers an incredible opportunity to outpace competition and offer your customers more value for less investment.