XEP for Enterprise Java Beans

Table of Contents

1. Overview
2. Prerequisites
3. Package Contents
4. Compilation

1. Overview

This package contains a Java Enterprise Bean wrapper for RenderX XEP. The bean runs on a remote computer in a Java application server; clients connect to the bean, call its methods to format XSL FO document and receive the formatting results over the network. The bean allows to deploy XEP in a distributed environment.

2. Prerequisites

To compile and run XEP Enterprise Java Bean, you must install Java 2 Enterprise Edition. The edition includes Java 2 Software Development Kit, class libraries and Java Application Server.

3. Package Contents


Java source code;


Bean configuration templates;


code examples in Java;


Ant build file for the bean and the client-side classes.

4. Compilation

We provide Ant build file, build.xml. To compile the sources, build the bean and the client classes, define Ant property xep.dir to point to the folder where XEP installed in your system. To compile the examples, go to folder examples/ of the component's distribution and run Ant.