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RenderX XEP
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DocBook XSL Stylesheets

TEI Tools

Demo: Books in DocBook and TEI

We've put together a package which allows users to author books, articles, leaflets, forms, and to format it for both on-screen and paged media.

The package consists of

· RenderX XEP XSL Engine,

· Oxygen XML Editor,

· stylesheets for a few well-known markup vocabularies, customized for best formatting quality with RenderX XEP,

· sample projects and pre-set editing and transformation settings to make authoring of high-quality, dynamic, retargetable documents easy and pleasant.

Software components included into the package are tuned to work together smoothly, and simultaneously constitute a complete authoring environment. The installation program with-user friendly graphical interface takes care of proper installation of all the components and establishes proper links between them.