RenderX Welcome to XEP Component for ColdFusion MX.
XEP Component for ColdFusionMX gives an opportunity to use XEP formatter for implementing web-applications and makes them more attractive and more functional.

Documentation Examples
Get documentation in HTML or PDF formats. This is a collection of examples that demonstrate some applications of XEP Component.

Library - XEP Component is adaptable in designing of electronic libraries. The sample presents the e-library, where you get an opportunity to download a desired book either in PDF or PostScript formats.
Note: All books are stored on the server in XML/XSL format.

SVG Viewer - Support for both XSL FO and SVG makes XEP a powerful tool for data representation. The sample demonstrates a formatting of XSL FO file generated from SVG into either PDF or PostScript through the upload form using XEP Component and shows how to pass some back-ends options to the component.

Application Form - the example of an application form that visitors can fill in via internet and get it in PDF format.
Note: Submitting of application form creates it in FO format and returns in PDF.
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