XEP business documents' examples

Examples in this set are made with XEP Technologies and demonstrate a common usage of XEP Technologies on the basis of some applications. The goal of this demonstration is to show how it is possible to prepare your own examples of relatively complex documents used in a production environment.


An example of resume that can be usefull for everyone who wants to apply for a job opportunity.

Source XML: resume.xml
Stylesheets needed: resume.xsl
Output: resume.fo   resume.pdf
Invitation letter

An example of Invitation Letter in the form of the message by which one is invited for some arrangement.

Source XML: invitation_letter.xml
Stylesheets needed: invitation_letter.xsl
Output: invitation_letter.fo   invitation_letter.pdf
Minutes of the meeting

An example of minutes of meeting that is a form of historical record of a group's work. Usually it contains date, time and place of meeting, list of people attending, and any members who were absent, time the meeting was called to order, approval of the previous meeting's minutes, and any amendments, summary of reports, announcements, and other information shared, proposals, resolutions, motions, amendments, a summary of the discussion, and final disposition, etc.

Source XML: meeting_minutes.xml
Stylesheets needed: meeting_minutes.xsl
Output: meeting_minutes.fo   meeting_minutes.pdf
Direct Mail

An example of direct mail that sent to large numbers of people to promote products or services.

Source XML: direct_mail.xml
Stylesheets needed: direct_mail.xsl
Output: direct_mail.fo   direct_mail.pdf
Internal report

An example of Bill Report contains the explanation of the charges in one form to visualize expenses for the certain period of time. For obviousness the expenses are presented in the form of tables and diagrams.

Source XML: internal_report.xml
Stylesheets needed: internal_report.xsl
Output: internal_report.fo   internal_report.pdf
Receipt Order

An example of Receipt Order represented an acknowledgment in writing that the party giving the same has received from the person therein named, the money or other thing therein specified.

Source XML: receipt_order.xml
Stylesheets needed: receipt_order.xsl
Output: receipt_order.fo   receipt_order.pdf
Business cards

Example of template for Business Card represented a company profile that is publicly viewable. This usually includes the company's name, e-mail address, address, telephone numbers and (optionally) a picture.

Source XML: business_cards.xml
Stylesheets needed: business_cards.xsl
Output: business_cards.fo   business_cards.pdf
Visa application form

An example of Visa Form represented an endorsement made on a passport by the proper authorities of certain countries, denoting that it has been examined, and that the person who bears it is permitted to proceed on his journey.

Source XML: visa_form.xml
Stylesheets needed: visa_form.xsl
Output: visa_form.fo   visa_form.pdf

An example of Certificate for Achievement represented a document rewarded to the owner for first class specialist degree.

Source XML: certificate.xml
Stylesheets needed: certificate.xsl
Output: certificate.fo   certificate.pdf
Balance sheet

An example of Balance Sheet represented a quantitative summary of a company's financial condition at a specific point in time.

Source XML: balance_sheet.xml
Stylesheets needed: balance_sheet.xsl
Output: balance_sheet.fo   balance_sheet.pdf