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Sebis Direct: Personalized Mail

advanced commercial document printing capability

Sebis Direct

Integration & Connectivity Kit

RenderX chosen by Sebis Direct to deliver high quality output of XML content. Leading XML software provider implements solution to enable advanced commercial document printing capability.

Sebis Direct, Inc., a leading provider of data driven direct mail and electronic mail production solutions, has standardized on XEP as its software tool of choice for creating dynamic commercial document packages for its customers. The application has been optimized to allow Sebis' non-technical users to produce complex XML documents like personalized insurance certificates, letters, and audit applications from merged databases.

“Sebis Direct is excited about our relationship with RenderX and the opportunities the new XEP application will bring forth for our customers. XEP has provided us with a solution that reliably produces our clients' work at a fraction of the cost of other commercial offerings. Utilizing RenderX XEP has allowed Sebis to make use of an emerging technical specification while maintaining our investment in information databases. We now have the capability to dynamically produce commercial documents for our customers and have come a long way in a short time.”

Wes Sanders President, Sebis Direct

“Sebis Direct has clearly established itself as a market leader in electronic and direct mail solutions. Using XML technology for production of commercial documents, Sebis can maintain technology leadership in their industry. We are very pleased with the results that XEP is delivering for Sebis Direct. RenderX is committed to providing software that allows our customers an immediate reduction in costs while improving their abilities to deliver enhanced products and services to their customers.”

Kevin BrownVP of Sales and Marketing, RenderX