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Norm's Musings is norm's weblog. Norman Walsh uses XEP to generate PDF representations of all of the site's pages. Here is a page in PDF.

Zenteq Doc Team

Zenteq office uses a local area network comprising a dozen of Linux and Windows workstations. Developers and technical writers author documents in Emacs or oXygen and use a shared EnMasse server to format manuals for preview and final publishing.


Using XEP.NET, ITERGO developed an Internet-based insurance application to support agents for the second largest German primary insurance company. The application delivers to agents dynamically generated insurance documents.

Excosoft: Publishing Manuals

However good an XML based document management system might be, if the final goal is published manuals the whole thing falls flat on its face without a competent rendering engine. Without XEP this project would not have been possible.

Assentis: Visual XSL Design

Assentis will include XEP into their professional document solutions -- Assentis:WebText, Assentis:DocBase and Assentis:Cockpit. Assentis Cockpit, a technically advanced XSL FO document engineering solution, will integrate seamlessly with XEP and support its powerful XSL FO extensions.

WritersBlock Technical Communications

With the new workflow, the company has been able to encourage engineers and technicians to directly contribute to the documentation, to monitor and finesse these contributions, and to provide the customers with up-to-date manuals specific to the particular software/hardware combination they possess. It has been a significant improvement in both workflow and costs.

Publishing APIs

A company uses XEP for publishing an internal Application Programming Interface (API) specification. XEP replaced Microsoft Word in the publishing toolchain, and customers love the fact that the documents are supplied on regular basis without dependency on human intervention.