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XEP.NET for an Insurance Company




Germany-based ITERGO Informationstechnologie was an early adopter of the XEP.NET product. Using RenderX software, ITERGO developed an Internet-based insurance application to support agents for the second largest German primary insurance company. The application uses XEP.NET to deliver PDF versions of dynamically generated insurance documents to agents after processing information collected about their customers and performing rate calculations on various products.

“One of our main requirements was generating printable documents for agents and customers. We standardized on RenderX software because the quality of the product and the richness of its functionality surpassed our expectations. We were able to provide our customers with high-quality, dynamically generated PDF for print output that will greatly increase the productivity of their agents. The system currently is in production with 500 agents and we will be scaling up to thousands of users in the near future.”

Marius Filipowski application developer and architect, ITERGO

“The XEP product family is an ideal solution for our customers. XEP.NET is impressive in its ability to handle the rigors of printing content for high-volume, complex systems. The XEP product family provides customers with a full-spectrum publishing solution to meet today's high volume printing requirements. We are excited that RenderX software continues to address the publishing needs of our customers like ITERGO by offering a reliable solution that is based on industry standards. This powerful combination provides our customers — and their customers — with the ability to dynamically print one of their most valuable assets — their data.”

Kevin Brown VP of Sales and Marketing, RenderX