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HP: Extending Macromedia Flash

powerful, fun, creative design and print tool

HP Invent

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Hewlett Packard Selects RenderX software to provide users a powerful, fun, creative design and print tool. New joint software package allows international consumers to create innovative, personalized projects.

HP, the worldwide leader in technology, computing and print devices, has selected RenderX software to provide customers a creative way to design and print customized stationery for both home and business applications. The new solution employs a rich Macromedia Flash functionality, coupled with the powerful XML to PDF capability of XEP, to enable end users to dynamically design and print greeting cards, CD covers, calendars and t-shirts, in just a few simple steps.

Application for fun
Beneficial application for business

There were several key challenges for the design of the application, including ease-of-use, support of industry standards and availability to a wide International audience. HP chose Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) as the template description language, due to the similarity of its layout model to that which is native to Flash. XSL FO was chosen as the standard for representing the overall print product. This application has been localized in eleven different languages and can be used by home and business offices as a fun and beneficial use of HP printers.

“We looked at several different tools for dynamically creating PDF files. We standardized on RenderX XEP as our platform for XML to PDF generation. Their newly released support for SVG made the RenderX solution the only option for the generation of these documents. HP is now able to offer its customers the ability to manipulate and print graphics quickly and powerfully, so that they are free to fully enjoy the potential of their HP purchase without the complication of adding any additional software installation to their home or business systems.”

Eric Leroy IT Manager, HP COM

“The HP "enjoy more" strategy that places the consumer at the center of the digital experience is the perfect compliment to the HP and RenderX solution. Utilizing technology that is simple and fun, HP end users worldwide can create compelling and stylish new designs for a wide range of exciting projects. We look forward to working with HP to implement and improve services for our joint customers well in to the future.”

Kevin BrownVP of Sales and Marketing, RenderX