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Conversant: Bills for Customers

maximizing customer information and billing operations

Conversant, Inc

Integration & Connectivity Kit

Conversant selects RenderX software to maximize customer information and billing operations. XEP used for dynamic publishing of consumer billing documentation.

Conversant, Inc., a software vendor whose leading product is a customer information and billing system for energy companies, has selected XEP as the platform of choice to produce high volume print capability of utility bills for consumers. Customer Watch, Conversant's award winning CIS software for billing and managing customer information, will standardize on XEP to convert the customer data into PDF format for both physical paper output and on-line viewing.

Conversant incorporates open industry standards in its document creation technology; therefore, the use of XML and XSL FO is imperative for maintaining flexibility and adherence to standards. XEP, a commercial grade XSL formatting engine based on the XSL FO specification, was chosen by Conversant for its high performance aptitude and ability to dynamically generate Postscript and PDF documents from the XML and XSL FO data.

The first client to go live with the joined solution of Conversant's Customer Watch application and XEP is a privately owned natural gas utility company headquartered in Boise, Idaho. The utility company serves more than 200,000 customers that encompass industrial, commercial and residential sectors.

“Our customers can range from producing 50,000 to over a million bills each month. Reducing the expense of bill rendering while adhering to industry standards can minimize the total cost of ownership. RenderX XEP has proved to be a solid piece of software that provides a cost-effective solution for quick print production and on-line viewing of consumer bills that many utility companies require. RenderX's staff has given unparalleled support and assistance to Conversant. The RenderX support team exceeded our expectations and proved invaluable during development and implementation of our software. RenderX offers us tremendous support in our continued commitment to providing industry leading CIS software for the utility and energy services industries.”

Ron YustVP of Technology, Conversant

“We are proud to be associated with Conversant, an organization known for their expertise in information technology and the high quality of their billing software products. Conversant is a great example of how RenderX's software applications can simplify business processes for the utility services, and many other, industries. XEP gives Conversant the competitive edge enabling them to provide a level of service and support that differentiates them from other providers in their industry. While customers and employees enjoy the convenience of the new application, the company benefits from having a cost-effective solution that will scale to meet the needs of their growing customer base. RenderX stands by Conversant's commitment to providing standards based solutions that reduce costs while delivering enhanced products and services to customers.”

Kevin BrownVP of Sales and Marketing, RenderX