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Renderx products facilitate production of a wide variety of static documents such as educational materials, technical manuals, user guides, legislations, and books. These documents range from simple to extremely complex and can be thousands pages long.


In order to author, edit and publish documents, a copy of Docbench must be installed on each workstation where these tasks are going to be performed, and a copy of EnMasse Access Point must be installed on a dedicated computer. Additionally, several EnMasse XEP formatting engines could be connected to this server if a higher throughput is required.

<oXygen/>xml editor

<oXygen/> XML editor, integrated into Docbench, is used to create documents in DocBook or other formats. XEP formatter, also integrated into Docbench, handles the transformation to PDF if a preview of a document in Adobe Acrobat Reader is required.

Docbench could also be used to design and develop look and feel of the company's documents by using OxygenXML editor to edit stylesheets, and XEP formatter to format documents for preview.

Demo: Books in DocBook

Stories: WritersBlock Communications
Zenteq Team

EnMasse server is also capable of reformatting all documents in a batch mode with up-to-date versions of stylesheets. A simple script submits all documents to EnMasse, and EnMasse puts these documents in PDF into a dedicated folder.

A document does not have to be written in OxygenXML editor — any other editor (e.g. Emacs, XML Spy, etc.) can be used. The document is saved in the input folder of EnMasse (the folder resides on the server but is available on all workstations); EnMasse converts the documents into PDF for preview or delivery.