[xep-support] Re: Supporting mutilanguage in a single document using hyphenation

From: Michael Sulyaev <msulyaev@renderx.com>
Date: Mon Dec 05 2011 - 02:59:37 PST

On 12/02/2011 11:11 AM, Renuka D Arumugam wrote:
> Long descriptions of english text in a russian document is not getting
> hyphenated ,though we have enabled the hyphenation for Russian language
> in the xep.xml using the dictionary file hyph-ru.tex.

Hello Renuka,

 From your screenshots I see that hyphenation for Russian works in general.

I suppose the reason is that you set language="ru" on the whole
document, and this property is inherited down to the header line
"DS3524SINCTRLSASPORTS1GCACHE", but this is not Russian! You are trying
to hyphenate English text using Russian hyphenation rules, so
character-based hyphenation algorithm does not find any points to break
the line.

Assuming the header line contains a title which must never be
translated, I would suggest to explicitly add language="en" on such titles.

Michael Sulyaev
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