[xep-support] Supporting mutilanguage in a single document using hyphenation

From: Renuka D Arumugam <renukadevi.a@in.ibm.com>
Date: Thu Dec 01 2011 - 23:11:01 PST


           Long descriptions of english text in a russian document is not
getting hyphenated ,though we have enabled the hyphenation for Russian
language in the xep.xml using the dictionary file hyph-ru.tex.

<language name="Russian" codes="ru rus">
     <hyphenation pattern="hyph-ru.tex" encoding="utf-8"/>

But the same text when present in english document gets hyphenated

Could you please let us know on how to support two different languages
hyphenation on the same document or is there any concept of multi-language
support in xep.Please help us.

Sample text which is not hyphenated in russian document:

Same text when in english document is hyphenated:

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