Re: [xep-support] double page numbering

From: David Tolpin <>
Date: Tue Mar 07 2006 - 10:55:25 PST

> in header of 4th page I have to print: chapter 2 page: 1 of 2,
> document page: 4 of 10.
> I donít know how to achieve this Ė Iím able to get numbers either
> in actual chapter scope (by using uniquepage-sequence for each
> chapter with initial-page-number="1" attribute) or in global scope
> (by using one page-sequence for whole document or simply by not
> setting initial-page-number in case of using unique page-sequence
> for each chapter), but not both at once.

Format it twice, once with initial-page-number=1, then with initial-
page-number=auto on all sequences, and the page-number-citation-last
pointing to the end of sequence and the end of document
correspondingly. Place numbers at their corresponding places on each

Then join the documents, leaving out repeating elements in XEPOUT.


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