[xep-support] double page numbering

From: Tomas Kolaci <kolaci@cncz.cz>
Date: Tue Mar 07 2006 - 09:51:49 PST



 I'm publishing document that consists of chapters (each chapter starts on
new page). In header of each page I have to print both:


1. [actual page number] of [number of pages] in scope of actual
chapter and

2. [actual page number] of [number of pages] in global scope of whole


 For example if I have document where:


- first chapter takes first three pages,

- second chapter takes next two pages and

- whole document has ten pages,


 in header of 4th page I have to print: chapter 2 page: 1 of 2, document
page: 4 of 10.


 I don't know how to achieve this - I'm able to get numbers either in actual
chapter scope (by using unique page-sequence for each chapter with
initial-page-number="1" attribute) or in global scope (by using one
page-sequence for whole document or simply by not setting
initial-page-number in case of using unique page-sequence for each chapter),
but not both at once.


 I would be able to do it, if there was something like:


- fo:global-page-number and fo:global-page-number-citation or

- start-from attribute of fo:page-number and
fo:page-number-citation or

- if there was some way how to do some simple mathematics with page
numbers before rendering

- etc.


 but I haven't found anything like that. Is there some way?


 Thank you, best regards, Tomas


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