[xep-support] XML catalogs in XEP

From: Marc Baaden <baaden@smplinux.de>
Date: Mon Aug 29 2005 - 14:20:03 PDT


sorry to take up a rather old message that I asked previously for
using (at that time) SGML catalogs with XEP. Having fully switched
to XML now, I wonder how to tell XEP to use my catalog system with
the root catalog in /etc/xml/catalog.xml (on a Debian system).

I did read the XEP user guide section about resolution of external
entities, but did not quite grasp how you'd use it to specify a local
catalog file. And the in-depth link to Sun's site is outdated.

So thanks for any help and assistance.


(also, for verification purposes, is there a kind of "--nonet" switch
 like eg xsltproc has to verify that I am really only using local
 files and no stuff from the net ?)

>>> Alexander Peshkov said:
>> [..]
>> The more general approach is to setup XML catalogs properly. Very
>> helpful info about XML catalogs creation can be found here:
>> http://wwws.sun.com/software/xml/developers/resolver/article/
>> Note that starting from version 3.5 XEP provides support for XML
>> catalogs (so there is no real need for extension any more). Use of
>> XML catalogs with XEP described in section "3.5. Resolution of
>> External Entities and URIs" of "XEP 3.5 User Guide" (userguide.pdf,
>> included in XEP distribution).
>> [..]

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