Re: [xep-support] XML catalogs in XEP

From: Alexander Peshkov <>
Date: Tue Aug 30 2005 - 02:34:07 PDT

Hello Marc,

You are right, the link to Sun website is outdated (we should fix the
documentation). Sun has donated whole XML catalogs resolver stuff to
Apache project. Its new home is the xml-commons tools. It can be
downloaded from Apache website:

xml-commons distribution (
downloadable from

This resolver.jar has new paths, specifically you need to use:

Please find attached modified version of xep.bat along with sample and catalog.xml files which map references
to SVG DTDs to the local files. Both and
catalog.xml as well as resolver.jar and SVG DTDs are supposed to be
placed into 'lib' subdirectory of XEP installation (actually DTD files
expected in 'lib/common/dtd/'). Please modify all paths to match your
system configuration.

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Alexander Peshkov

MB> Hi,

MB> sorry to take up a rather old message that I asked previously for
MB> using (at that time) SGML catalogs with XEP. Having fully switched
MB> to XML now, I wonder how to tell XEP to use my catalog system with
MB> the root catalog in /etc/xml/catalog.xml (on a Debian system).

MB> I did read the XEP user guide section about resolution of external
MB> entities, but did not quite grasp how you'd use it to specify a local
MB> catalog file. And the in-depth link to Sun's site is outdated.

MB> So thanks for any help and assistance.

MB> Marc

MB> (also, for verification purposes, is there a kind of "--nonet" switch
MB> like eg xsltproc has to verify that I am really only using local
MB> files and no stuff from the net ?)

>>>> Alexander Peshkov said:
MB> >> [..]
MB> >> The more general approach is to setup XML catalogs properly. Very
MB> >> helpful info about XML catalogs creation can be found here:
MB> >>
MB> >> Note that starting from version 3.5 XEP provides support for XML
MB> >> catalogs (so there is no real need for extension any more). Use of
MB> >> XML catalogs with XEP described in section "3.5. Resolution of
MB> >> External Entities and URIs" of "XEP 3.5 User Guide" (userguide.pdf,
MB> >> included in XEP distribution).
MB> >> [..]

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