[xep-support] including svg graphics in pdf

From: Cheryl Chase <cheryl@isna.org>
Date: Mon Aug 29 2005 - 12:37:16 PDT

I'm a new docbook user, using xep to format a book.

I created an image in a flowcharting application (Omnigraffle),
exported it as both pdf and png.

Including the png in both xhtml and pdf worked ok, but when I tried
to include either pdf or svg (using Illustrator to convert pdf to
svg), xep complains "failed to create image file".

What's wrong here?



<figure id="figure_protocol_chart">
   <title>Protocol Summary</title>

     <imageobject role="html">
       <imagedata format="PNG" fileref="protocol.png"/>
     <imageobject role="fo">
       <imagedata format="PDF" fileref="protocol.svg"/>

         [error] Failed to create image file:/Users/cheryl/
protocol.svg of type application/pdf
         [error] com.renderx.graphics.ImageFormatException: Wrong PDF
file header

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