Re: [xep-support] xsl-before-float-separator

From: David Tolpin <>
Date: Thu Oct 28 2004 - 13:29:11 PDT

> For example, say I have a 10-page document. There are 3 images: on pp.
> 4, 5, 8. The image on p.4 is small and near the top, so it floats to
> the top of p.4. The image on p.5 is large and near the bottom, so it
> floats to p.5. The image on p.8 is also large, and floats to the top
> of p.9 - this is all expected/normal float behaviour. Say now that my
> "back (citation) information" takes up 2 pages, in this case 9 and 10.
> The 3rd image will "interrupt" this information as it floats onto p. 9.
> If I make the "back" section a float itself, then it isn't interrupted
> and all is well.
> However, now say I remove the 3rd image altogether - the "back" section
> still remains a float, and instead of flowing with the rest of the
> text, it "floats" to the next page, leaving a large blank space and
> making the document 11 pages (even though it should fit on 10).

XSL FO allows an implementation to always put before-float on a subsequent
page; that's what XEP currently does. I realize that it is not what
you want to achieve, but it is how it works now.

> My understanding is that the xsl-before-float-separator was designed to
> handle this kind of behaviour, but I've had real difficulty
> understanding the spec, and there seem to be no examples. Maybe I'm
> using fo:float wrong or am missing something in its behaviour. Can
> anyone help me?

xsl-before-float-separator is a line or blank space drawn between
before-floats and the text on the same page, much like xsl-footnote-separator
is a rule normally drawn between the main flow and footnotes.

David Tolpin
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