[xep-support] xsl-before-float-separator

From: MJ Suhonos <mj.suhonos@ehealthinnovation.org>
Date: Wed Oct 27 2004 - 11:24:38 PDT

Hi all,

I'm having a problem understanding how the xsl-before-float-separator
spec is supposed to work. I'm using xsl-float-before blocks in my FO,
and for the most part they work as expected. The issue I'm trying to
address is when floats "interfere" with the last section of my document
(in my case, citation/reference information that's usually 1-2 pages).
Floats are used for images in the "body" of the document.

For example, say I have a 10-page document. There are 3 images: on pp.
4, 5, 8. The image on p.4 is small and near the top, so it floats to
the top of p.4. The image on p.5 is large and near the bottom, so it
floats to p.5. The image on p.8 is also large, and floats to the top
of p.9 - this is all expected/normal float behaviour. Say now that my
"back (citation) information" takes up 2 pages, in this case 9 and 10.
The 3rd image will "interrupt" this information as it floats onto p. 9.
  If I make the "back" section a float itself, then it isn't interrupted
and all is well.

However, now say I remove the 3rd image altogether - the "back" section
still remains a float, and instead of flowing with the rest of the
text, it "floats" to the next page, leaving a large blank space and
making the document 11 pages (even though it should fit on 10).

My understanding is that the xsl-before-float-separator was designed to
handle this kind of behaviour, but I've had real difficulty
understanding the spec, and there seem to be no examples. Maybe I'm
using fo:float wrong or am missing something in its behaviour. Can
anyone help me?

Many thanks in advance,

PS example FO and PDF are available, i just didn't want to include here
unless it would be helpful

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