Re: [xep-support] XEP 3.7.4: Strange font names generated in PDF

From: Alexander Peshkov (
Date: Fri Aug 20 2004 - 03:07:00 PDT

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    Hello Werner,

    The line '/BaseFont/GFEDCB+TimesNewRomanPSMT' is a correct one, prefix
    "GFEDCB+" appears when the font is subsetted.
    The PDF you send us is broken in a curious way - embedded font subset
    has zero length. I believe this can happen only in one case: if font
    file was accessible to formatter at the initial stage (when font
    metrics are parsed) but at the subsetting step it wasn't accessible
    anymore. In this case formatter will throw an exception, but if you
    have null ErrorHandler set when this exception will be ignored and
    you'll get broken PDF. So the questions are:
     1. Are you setting empty ErorrLogger? If not - was there any error
        messages produced by XEP?
     2. Is it possible that access to font files is somehow unstable? Are
        you using NFS? In this case it could be some temporal connectivity

    Best regards,
    Alexander Peshkov

    WD> Hi,

    WD> When running XEP in Weblogic I have a strange problem that occurs
    WD> now and then and only the first time after a restart of the
    WD> application server.

    WD> The problem is the name of the fonts in the PDF file. I see lines like
    WD> this:

    WD> /BaseFont/GFEDCB+TimesNewRomanPSMT

    WD> instead of

    WD> /BaseFont/TimesNewRomanPSMT

    WD> The fonts are TTF fonts which are embedded using subsetting like this:

    WD> <font name="TimesNewRomanPSMT"
    WD> ttf="resource:XEP/ttf/TimesNewRomanPSMT.ttf"
    WD> subset="true"
    WD> embed="true"/>

    WD> <alias name="Serif" font="TimesNewRomanPSMT"/>

    WD> The document instance uses "serif" as the font family name.

    WD> On the command-line this can't be reproduced, so it is not going to be
    WD> possible for you to test it. I ask it anyway in case it reminds you of
    WD> anything, perhaps in the area of XEP initialisation.

    WD> I have also sent you the resulting PDF file off-list.

    WD> Regards,

    WD> Werner.

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