[xep-support] margin-left inherited as start-indent?

From: Bob Stayton (bobs@sagehill.net)
Date: Mon Apr 19 2004 - 10:08:19 PDT

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    As part of the maintenance of the DocBook XSL stylesheet, I've been testing
    them with the various XSL-FO processors. I've run into a contradiction
    between XEP and Antenna House's XSL Formatter V3 over the behavior of the
    margin-left property.

    According to the spec, margin-left is not inherited (7.10.3) and
    start-indent is inherited (7.10.7). This is the behavior I get from XEP.
    When I tested with Antenna House, I found that margin-left was inherited.
    When I asked Antenna House support about it, I got this response:

    "Please refer to our QandA Page.
    The margin-left is inherited as a start-indent. For example, in the case of
    25, parent block-container have a margin-left="1in". This property value is
    inherited to child block as a start-indent="1in". The start-indent should be
    specified for the child block."

    They are refering to section 5.3.2 "Margin, Space, and Indent Properties",
    which I have read and do not fully understand. Are they interpreting the
    spec wrong, or is XEP missing this feature?

    Bob Stayton
    Sagehill Enterprises
    DocBook Consulting

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