Re: [xep-support] margin-left inherited as start-indent?

From: Nikolai Grigoriev (
Date: Tue Apr 20 2004 - 02:39:05 PDT

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    > According to the spec, margin-left is not inherited (7.10.3) and
    > start-indent is inherited (7.10.7). This is the behavior I get from XEP.
    > When I tested with Antenna House, I found that margin-left was inherited.

    Antenna House is right here. The value of 'margin-left' is used to calculate
    the computed value of 'start-indent', by a formula

    start-indent = inherited-property-value(start-indent) +
                + margin-left + border-left-width + padding-left

    This calculated value should be both used to position the current block
    element, and inherited down the tree to the contents of the block container -
    exactly like Antenna House does.

    Thank you for reporting this problem. Unfortunately, I cannot promise
    a quick fix to this bug. There are many problems with this calculation
    because all operands in the above equation may be expressed as
    percentages of the reference area size, and will not be known until
    the page master is selected. To keep the things going, XEP implements
    an independent mechanism of CSS-style margins that coexists with
    indents. This works well with normal blocks; but fails to pass the
    right value for inherited indents into container elements.

    As a general rule, I'd recommend to always reset indents inside
    any element that establishes a new reference area (e.g. by inserting
    a fo:wrapper within each fo:block-container, and specifying
    zero indents there). Otherwise, the positioning of the container
    is going to affect its contents, which is rarely a desired behaviour.
    The same applies to table cells, footnotes, and floats: all these
    elements should inherit indents from their parents, despite the
    fact that they reference their indents from a different reference ares.

    Best regards,
    Nikolai Grigoriev

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