Re: [xep-support] ps vs. pdf

From: Alexander Peshkov (
Date: Fri Dec 05 2003 - 05:41:00 PST

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    Hello Detlef,

    1. PDF to PDF links works properly only when PDF produced directly by
       our PDF backend. I agree that it should be stated in our
       documentation more clearly. We will consider your report as request
       for enhancement.
    2. PDF files produced by our PDF generator conform to PDF spec 1.3.
       As far as I understand you can view those files in Acrobat without any
       problems and print it, except for some printers. I believe this is
       the problem of those printers or Acrobat/printer interaction rather
       then of XEP itself. If you can provide us with detailed information
       about what exactly in our PDF makes those printers choke we may
       consider implement some kind of workaround for them if we find it

    Best regards,
    Alexander Peshkov

    OD> Hello,

    OD> I have a problem with generated PDF files by RenderX. Some printers will not
    OD> print these PDF files.
    OD> I have figured out, that some GIF graphics makes problems. So I have changed
    OD> the graphic format to PNG, but the problem still exists.

    OD> Now I produce PS files and convert these files with Ghostview to PDF. But
    OD> now I have problems with external links to other PDF files.

    OD> Here is an example for a link in a PS file:

    OD> [/Subtype /Link
    OD> /Rect [155.905 669.879 200.925 679.129]
    OD> /Border [0 0 0 [0]]
    OD> /Action <</Subtype /URI /URI
    OD> (file:P_1.pdf#ID1069252745)>>
    OD> /ANN pdfmark

    OD> But this link will not properly work. A click on this link opens the browser
    OD> without open the file.

    OD> So I changed the postcript to:

    OD> [/Subtype /Link
    OD> /Rect [155.905 651.879 218.715 661.129]
    OD> /Border [0 0 0 [0]]
    OD> /Dest /ID1069252745
    OD> /File (P_1.pdf)
    OD> /Action /GoToR
    OD> /ANN pdfmark

    OD> That works fine.

    OD> Is there a easier way to get fine PDF files, which are printed well on all
    OD> printers and have external links to other PDF files?

    OD> Thanks,

    OD> Detlef Obenaus
    OD> Technical Writer

    OD> SchlumbergerSema Telekom GmbH & Co. KG
    OD> Otto-Hahn-Straße 36
    OD> 63303 Dreieich

    OD> Tel.: +49 (0) 69 23 83-33 90

    OD> EMail:

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