Re: [xep-support] PDF file sizes

From: Alexander Peshkov (
Date: Fri Dec 05 2003 - 05:46:06 PST

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    Hello Ivan,

    I don't know which objects in the PDF marked as 'Unknown' by Adobe
    Acrobat's PDFs Consultant, but I'm sure we do not put in the PDFs any
    useless garbage. One possible reason for such a difference in a PDF
    size could be the lack of support for Type 1 fonts subsetting in XEP
    (we plan to add it in the next major release).
    If you send us (off-list) two problematic PDFs one produced by
    FrameMaker and XEP we will try to understand the source of those

    Best regards,
    Alexander Peshkov

    IB> Consultant

    IB> Hi,

    IB> I have a question about the PDF files that XEP produces.

    IB> We have recently changed from building PDF files with FrameMaker to using XSLT stylesheets and XEP to perform the transformation sequence: XML to XSL:FO to PDF. Noticing that most of the PDF
    IB> files produced by XEP were significantly larger that those produced using FrameMaker, we analysed samples from both sets of files using the Audit Space Usage function of Adobe Acrobat's PDF
    IB> Consultant. One thing that struck us was the huge jump in the "Unknown" category in many files, from around 5% in the FrameMaker files to around 45% in the XEP files.

    IB> On the other hand, in files which consist mostly of tables, XEP's "Unknown" category was much the same as FrameMaker's, and XEP used less space in other categories, so that these files were
    IB> significantly smaller overall.

    IB> Can you please shed any light on why, in general, XEP's PDF files devote such a large amount of space to this "Unknown" category, and whether there are any options that I can set to reduce the
    IB> size of the files?

    IB> We are using XEP Client version 3.4.2. We already set options to drop unused destinations and to embed just the used subsets of the fonts.

    IB> Thanks,
    IB> Ivan

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