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From: Andrzej Jan Taramina (
Date: Fri Dec 05 2003 - 15:50:04 PST

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    > 2. PDF files produced by our PDF generator conform to PDF spec 1.3.
    > As far as I understand you can view those files in Acrobat without any
    > problems and print it, except for some printers. I believe this is the
    > problem of those printers or Acrobat/printer interaction rather then of XEP
    > itself. If you can provide us with detailed information about what exactly
    > in our PDF makes those printers choke we may consider implement some kind
    > of workaround for them if we find it feasible.

    We ran into similar problems where the generated PDF's would not print at all
    on postscript printers (various models of HP printers).

    At first we thought it was the images we were using, but we weren't using
    GIF's (which were known to cause some problems on postscript printers), only

    Doing some Preflighting of the generated PDF, it showed that the embedded
    TrueType fonts were at fault in our situation. We were using the Minion-
    Regular TTF font, and the printers were barfing on the postscript that
    Acrobat would generate when we tried to print the documents. Note that
    Acrobat opened and displayed the PDF just fine, even though printing broke.

    Our solution was to change over to a Type 1 version of the Minion-Regular
    font, which solved our problem.

    Might be worth looking into what XEP was doing what that particular TrueType
    font that caused Acrobat to generate incompatible postscript code.

    I would also recommend the use of a good PDF Preflighting tool for anyone
    that has similar problems. The new Acrobat 6.0 now has preflighting
    capability built in and can be a very good tool in helping to identify the
    source of such problems.

    Andrzej Jan Taramina
    Chaeron Corporation: Enterprise System Solutions

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