[xep-support] Null Pointer Exception

From: Rob Stote (RStote@whitehilltech.com)
Date: Wed Oct 15 2003 - 07:22:49 PDT

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    I am in the process of evaluating your software. I have been trying
    (unsuccessfully) to embed XEP into my JBoss application.
    Jboss 3.2.1
    The stack trace:
            at java.util.Hashtable.put(Hashtable.java:386)
            at com.renderx.util.User.getProperties(User.java:12)
            at com.renderx.xep.lib.Conf.init(Conf.java:102)
            at com.renderx.xep.Driver.init(Driver.java:29)
    my code:
    protected void render(InputStream in, OutputStream out, RendererMetaData
    meta) throws RenderingException {
    //rootPath: is set through a configuration file
    System.setProperty("com.renderx.xep.ROOT", rootPath);
    H4PDF generator = new H4PDF();
     com.renderx.xep.Driver.render(new InputSource(in), generator);
     }catch (IOException e) {

    When I run this exact code from within my ide (Eclipse) it works fine. When
    i pull the code out and run it as a JBoss Service to run extrnal to our app,
    but just a service that JBoss calls I get the same error.
    I have also included a zip file that contains a class that can run from the
    command line and work, or be dropped into JBoss as a service and it fails,
    with the same nullpointer exception
    Are there other properties I need to set? The null pointer seems to stem
    from the user.getProperties method.
    Thanks in advance

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