RE: side floats [was: RE: [xep-support] Projection on Limitation on B efore Floats?]

From: MAISONNY Benoit (
Date: Sun Nov 17 2002 - 15:23:59 PST

From: W. Eliot Kimber []
> I tried several variants of this sample and couldn't get the
> symbol to
> go anywhere but on the second line of the block unless the float
> was the first inline in the block.

Thanks for trying, Eliot: at least I know I am not alone :-)

> didn't see anything in the
> discussion
> of side float placement that directly addressed this, but it
> could be a
> subtle rule. I tried using XSL Formatter and got the same results as
> with XEP.

For reference, here is what I think relate to this issue in the specs:

>From FO specs in

"The description in section 9.5 of [CSS2] shall be used to determine the formatting of the fo:float and the rendering of normal line-areas and side-floats that are inline-overlapping, with these modifications:
* The phrase "current line box" shall be interpreted to mean the line-area containing the anchor-area generated by the float. If the anchor-area is a block-area then the "current line box" does not exist."

>From CSS2
"The top of the floated box is aligned with the top of the current line box (or bottom of the preceding block box if no line box exists). If there isn't enough horizontal room on the current line for the float, it is shifted downward, line by line, until a line has room for it."

There are more precise rules here:

Still, I don't see why the float is put beside the next line: obviously there is space for the float there, so why not one line above?


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