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XSL FO Validators

XSL-FO schemata and validation tools developed at RenderX. The tools use DTD, XSLT, and Relax NG; some of them are used to validate input in various versions of XEP.

Barcodes Generator

A library of SVG barcode generators developed by the RenderX technical team; it uses XSLT to implement the computational part, and SVG to draw the image.

XSL FO to HTML Converter

XSL Formatting Objects are an XML dialect; why not render them to HTML by an XSLT stylesheet. The converter is an attempt to materialize this idea.

EnMasse Configuration Wizard

A set of web forms helping to create a configuration file for EnMasse (both Actinia and Toaster), a high-performance formatting solution based on XEP.

XEP 3 to 4 Configuration Converter

XSLT 1.0 stylesheet and wrapper scripts for Windows and Unix platforms to convert XEP3.x-style configuration (xep.xml, hyphens.xml and fonts.xml) to XEP4.x-style monolithic xep.xml.

Docbook Formatter On-line

A web form through which Docbook XML documents can be formatted into PDF with XEP. Uses DocBook XSL stylesheets to generate XSL FO, and EnMasse to distribute the load among multiple servers.