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Amdocs combines innovative billing and CRM software products and services with deep business knowledge to enable true, integrated customer management, empowering the world's leading services companies to achieve stronger, more profitable customer relationships.

Our broad product portfolio spans the entire customer life cycle, seamlessly linking all customer-facing business processes — marketing and analytics, sales and ordering, delivery and fulfillment, billing and settlement, and service and support.

The Amdocs product strategy is supported by over $120 million invested annually in research and development. Amdocs products are pre-integrated and feature coordinated roadmaps and a common vision, benefiting our customers with reduced risk and lower total cost of ownership. Our modular approach, standards-based technology and open architecture ensure that our products fit seamlessly into any environment.

ARI Network Services

ARI is a leading provider of e-Catalog business solutions for sales, service and life-cycle product support in the manufactured equipment market. ARI currently provides approximately 75 parts catalogs (many of which contain multiple lines of equipment) for approximately 56 equipment manufacturers in the U.S. and Europe. More than 84,000 catalog subscriptions are provided through ARI to approximately 23,000 dealers and distributors in more than 100 countries in a dozen segments of the worldwide manufactured equipment market including outdoor power, power sports, recreation vehicle, floor maintenance, auto and truck parts aftermarket, marine and construction. The Company builds and supports a full suite of multi-media electronic catalog publishing and viewing software for the Web or CD and provides expert catalog publishing and consulting services. ARI also provides a template-based dealer website service that makes it quick and easy for an equipment dealer to have a professional and attractive website. In addition, ARI e-Catalog systems support a variety of electronic pathways for parts orders, warranty claims and other transactions between manufacturers and their networks of sales and service points. ARI currently operates three offices in the United States and one in Europe and has sales and service agents in Australia, England and France providing marketing and support of its products and services.

Bills for Customers


Conversant created the first production-proven, 100% open source Java Customer Information System. We develop and market software that increases efficiency and lowers cost in the utility enterprise. Our products are designed for the future while providing everything needed to maximize operations today. Conversant has received numerous international awards for its software architecture and innovative approach to managing customer care and billing for utilities and energy service providers.


Corelogic delivers software products that people will want to use because they are actually helpful and that add real value to the challenge of delivering a consistently high quality of care.

Corelogic is made up of a group of professionals, many of whom were working in the social care systems field over the last decade. As a result we have a considerable amount of experience and expertise with regard to software development and represent, in our opinion, the strongest team in the Social Care market today.

Industrial Medium

Industrial Medium is a software firm specializing in the design and implementation of content management systems for Web sites. Experienced in all phases of Web management — from initial site design and deployment to rapid updating and ongoing site maintenance — Industrial Medium offers a full range of content management products and services for mid- to high-end Web sites.

The commitment that makes Industrial Medium much more than just another Web management company is unique: maximize the clients' Web resources with open, easy-to-use content management solutions.

Our primary focus is helping companies build and manage their web presence without the burden of buying, maintaining, and managing the necessary underlying hardware, software, and services.

By removing much of the Web development burden, we allow organizations to focus resources on the core business issues that contribute to success.

Innovative Logic

Innovative Logic has been developing software solutions for a variety of customers and industries since 1997. Innovative Logic gained much attention in the automotive industry with one of its early database parts managing and cataloging CD solutions.

The company's current flagship products include the iCat Publisher and it's global, real-time, iCat PartSmart which enables customers to maintain their aftermarket part information with the highest amount of accuracy and detail.


Engineering drives the success of many Fortune 1000 companies. Without computation and design tools powering the development and delivery of their products, technology and services, these corporate giants could not remain competitive. Whether it's the civil engineer at Bechtel calculating the maximum stress of a bridge, the mechanical engineer at Motorola working to develop a mobile phone that won't break when dropped, or the chemical engineer at Procter & Gamble determining the effects of a new detergent on cloth, the ability to communicate math — the common language of engineering — is paramount. Mathsoft makes communicating math simple.

Single-source Authoring

Rascal Software

Rascal Software is committed to developing quality XML-based software for content creation, editing and multichannel publishing. Based on industry standards and featuring superior ease-of-use, Rascal Software products enable professionals to be more productive in a shorter period of time. Rascal Software's first product, Veredus, an XML-based single source authoring tool, is targeted at documentation professionals and allows content to be transformed, formatted and rendered on-the-fly. Rascal Software is headquartered in Seattle, Washington.

SpeedLegal PTY LTD

SpeedLegal is a world leader in enterprise document automation.

For lawyers, contracts managers or anyone else who's frustrated by the time they spend cutting and pasting, checking and re-checking contracts, legal and other documents, our SmartPrecedent? solution lets anyone create compliant documents, in real time, at low cost.

Unlike legacy word processor add-ons, our open XML solution is specifically designed for the large, collaborative enterprise.

SpeedLegal's web based document assembly solutions are helping law firms, corporate legal departments and government procurement teams to close deals faster, boost profits, reduce costs, and improve compliance.

The Limehouse Group

Limehouse delivers innovative and cost-effective communications to the public, education and non-profit sectors. We work with the special concerns of non-profit organizations — your need to inform, educate and inspire a diverse range of audiences. Our wide range of expertise means we can deliver a truly integrated package, tailored to your needs.

Thunderhead & XEP


Thunderhead Ltd is the market leader in the research and development of high-volume document generation software. Our Thunderhead platform is the world's first document generation product to be built purely around XML, and the first to use natural language algorithms and usability theory to put the business user (rather than IT specialists) firmly in control of building complex documents. Thunderhead automates the creation and multi-channel (print, web, email, SMS, etc.) delivery of dynamic, highly-regulated documents, such as insurance proposals, portfolio reports, wealth statements and trade confirms.

Native XML Databases

X-Hive Corporation

X-Hive Corporation develops and markets X-Hive/DB, a native XML database and X-Hive/Docato, a content management system used specifically for technical documentation. Software developers employ X-Hive technology in a variety of applications including content management, data analysis, catalogue management and news syndication. X-Hive solutions support all major XML standards. X-Hive Corporation co-operates worldwide with software vendors, system integrators and consultants in delivering X-Hive solutions and actively participates within W3C.


Xcential develops software applications designed to provide an immediate impact on your organization. Xcential has successfully developed and deployed their software for multiple government and industrial applications including: Government Legislation, Government Regulatory Data, Media & Publishing, and Technical Documentation. Xcential products are modular applications designed to integrate with existing infrastructure helping to reduce the overall impact and cost of any project.