[xep-support] Re: PDF output is not created

From: Darren Munt <darrenm_at_ADDRESS_REMOVED>
Date: Wed Feb 12 2020 - 14:57:55 PST

Thanks. I have progressed slightly, it appears that XEP is throwing the error: Unexpected end of stream

XEP is invoked thus:

    Dim logger As XEPLogger = New XEPLogger(sDumpFileName)
    Dim conf As IConfiguration = New Configuration
    Dim formatter As IFormatter = conf.CreateFormatter(logger)
    Dim success As Boolean
    Dim sourceStream As System.IO.FileStream
    Dim outStream As System.IO.FileStream

    Dim sOutFileName As String = MakeOutFileName(FOPath)

      sourceStream = New System.IO.FileStream(FOPath, System.IO.FileMode.Open)
      outStream = New System.IO.FileStream(sOutFileName, System.IO.FileMode.Create)

      success = formatter.Format(sourceStream, MakeSystemID(FOPath), "application/pdf", outStream)

    Catch ex As Exception
      Throw ex

      Warnings = logger.GetWarnings
      Errors = logger.GetErrors

      If Not (sourceStream Is Nothing) Then
      End If

      If Not (outStream Is Nothing) Then
      End If
    End Try

    If success Then
      Return sOutFileName
      Return ""
    End If

The error is trapped by the Try...Catch block. I know it is XEP throwing the error because my dump of the XEP.Logger messages exists, therefore we are getting past the two stream creates, and it is processing the FO file. The outStream PDF file exists, but it is 0kb. I believe that this file is created by this line:

outStream = New System.IO.FileStream(sOutFileName, System.IO.FileMode.Create)

From the logger dump, it seems that the error relates to the outStream file. XEP is able to process the FO that I am sending in but it appears to be failing at the point that it tries to write the PDF output. I thought this might be because Cliser does not have permissions to write to the file, but the security settings on the PDF file created by the code above show that SYSTEM user has Full Control, and it did indeed work a couple of weeks ago. Cliser executes under the Local System account which should have the same privileges as SYSTEM (I believe they are the same SID).

I have attached the following:

CliserService.exe.config: Unfortunately the time stamp on this file is yesterday because I updated the LOG-FILE setting so that I could see if any errors were being reported. I am fairly certain that this file has not been updated since it was last working. As you can see, apart from the log file, the only other setting that has been changed since the original install is the JAVA-CLASSPATH, which was updated to point to the rt29446.jar file. I have checked this path.

Cliserservicelog.log: log output from the Cliser service.

Xepdump.log: A log of all messages sent by XEP.ILogger

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I think more information is required.

1) How are you running RenderX? Through your own API? through XEP Assistant? Through command line?
2) You should post your complete setting in CliserService.exe.config (and maybe check them) ... has a path changed or java installation been updated?
3) What is the full log not just the last few lines?

Kevin Brown

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Subject: [xep-support] PDF output is not created

I'm having a problem with an XEP installation that has been working previously but seems to be now having an issue.

The generation process seems to work OK in that there are no errors reported, but the resulting PDF is 0kb in size. I have compared the log output from a recent execution with one done a couple of weeks ago when it was working fine. The only difference I can see is that the last few log lines are missing from the recent one. These lines exist in the successful log but not in the bad one:

event page-number 1
event page-number 2
event page-number 3
event page-number 4
closeState generate

The failed run stops at this line:

event output-format pdf

Can you give me any suggestions on why it might be falling over now? Cliser is running under the System Account so I don't think it's file permissions.

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