[xep-support] Contents pane entries opened/closed by default

From: Gerd v. Egidy <gerd.von.egidy_at_ADDRESS_REMOVED>
Date: Thu Apr 04 2019 - 04:55:14 PST


we are using XEP as part of our toolchain to convert docbook content into PDF
files. We were using XEP 3.8.4 before and recently switched to 4.28. While
4.28 is much better, especially when embedding svg files, there is one point
where 3.8.4 was better:

The PDFs created with 3.8.4 had all the subsection entries in the Contents-
pane of the pdf closed by default. So you just saw the main parts of the
document there. Opening the parts showed the capters, then you could open the
sections and so on. See attached file xep-3.8.4.png for an example.

This gave the reader a very good overview over the structure of the document.

In 4.28 all available entries in the Contents pane of the PDF are opened by
default. So in a bigger document, the reader sees just the first few chapters
in the Contents-pane. This does not give a good overview of the structure of
the document. See attached file xep-4.28.png for the same document as before,
but rendered with XEP 4.28.

I compared both PDFs in several different PDF viewers and all showed an
identical behavior regarding the Contents pane.

Is there any option, processing instruction or similar to let XEP 4.28 create
Contents-panes with closed subsections?

I want to get back the same behavior in this regard as in 3.8.4.


Kind regards,


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