[xep-support] Re: Line breaking at a hyphen mark

From: Pilecki Konstanty <KPilecki@wolterskluwer.pl>
Date: Thu Aug 07 2014 - 02:46:45 PDT

Hello Kevin,

There is a sample FO document attached here. The one is perfectly rendered by AH Formatter (see the PDF file). I would like to have the same result using XEP RenderX. Is it possible?
Please pay attention, that an additional hyphen occurs on a trailing line if and only if the line is broken at the place, where two words are joined with a hyphen mark. Such are the demands of the Polish orthography.


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Without a sample, it's hard to see what exactly you desire.
Certainly there is no design in the engine to automatically insert the start hyphen on the trailing line, it can and does at the break on the end of the line, but not at the start of the following line.


I drew in this fashion as typically the hyphens would be outside the bounds of the flow, not inside.

If you are inserting them manually, why not just insert a linefeed, followed an inline with negative padding if you wish it to be inside the left margin?
So I do not understand I guess.

If you wish them "automatically" when hyphenation occurs, I am not sure there is even a solution even in modification of the intermediate format. One would need to search and find all places hyphenation was inserted and insert something on the next line ... which becomes difficult in understanding "next line" especially in tables or across pages.

Kevin Brown

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Subject: [xep-support] Line breaking at a hyphen mark


My problem concerns a hyphenation. Let us have a piece of text with a hyphen, for example Sklodowska-Curie. When the text has been broken by a RenderX after the hyphen, I would like to achieve an additional hyphen mark at the beginning of the new line, as follow: Sklodowska-/-Curie (but not: Sklodowska-/Curie).

I have tried to resolve the problem adding, sequentially, a soft-hyphen (&#x00AD;) and a zero-width space (&#x200B;) characters before the hyphen mark and a joiner character (&#x2060;) after it. The result is quite good but, unfortunately, the joiner character is unnecessarily visible in the text rendered to PDF (as a rectangle mark). Is there any better way to manage this problem?

I would be grateful for any advice.



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