[xep-support] Re: Where to put true-type fonts?

From: jens quade <jq@qdevelop.de>
Date: Fri Nov 08 2013 - 07:49:08 PST

>> There are XML parsers that issue a warning if a xml:base attribute does not end in an '/', which might be a smart thing to do in this case.
> Well, that's one possible solution, but that solution means the user
> must do something. System Engineering has shown its a bad idea to
> expect the users do anything (q.v.).
> A better solution might be to add the trailing slash since the user
> already gave you the path he/she wants to use; and then print an
> informational that the trailing slash was added on their behalf. In
> this case, the system "just works" and it relieves the user from being
> an RFC expert.

That better solution would hopefully refrain from using the xml:base attribute at all, and define it's own attribute, say "path-prefix" or something like that.

Because next person comes around the corner, pasts a http://www.wheremyfontsareliving.com/fonts/font1.ttf in xml:base an expects this to just work, too.



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