[xep-support] XSL-FO validation issues on Win7/64bit

From: Jan Tošovský <j.tosovsky@gmc.net>
Date: Mon Feb 07 2011 - 04:33:30 PST

Hello Everyone,

I am migrating my production environment from Vista/64bit to Win7/64bit and I've encountered the following issue. When a transformation into PDF is executed in 64bit Java, I am getting strange (and misleading) validation errors. I think that problem is in incomplete parsing of my FO file, because every run I am getting the different ones (the file is the same and valid), for example:
[error] Attribute 'font-style' cannot have a value of "".
[error] Attribute 'space-before.optimum' cannot have a value of "".
When the same file is processed using 32bit Java, everything is Ok. I haven't had these problems in Vista.
Both Java 64/32bit are up to date (1.6.0_23), as well as XEP.
My cmdline is: java -Xss2m -Xmx1024m -cp C:\db\progs\xep\lib\xep.jar com.renderx.xep.XSLDriver -DCONFIG=C:\db\progs\xep\xep.xml C:\db\output\myfile.fo
I am getting the same result also without those -X.. parameters.
Is there any option which needs to be set to run the process successfuly?


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