[xep-support] Making PDF/A work

From: Maarten Joosen <m.joosen@everest.nl>
Date: Wed Nov 10 2010 - 05:23:44 PST

Dear listusers,


I’m trying to make the pdf/a option work, but I’m doing something wrong.


I have set <?xep-pdf-pdf-a pdf-a-1a?> in my fo (see attachment). Using XEP 4.17 build 20091204 with the attachted config, I get the message below. I have two questions:


· Why does it give the warning about images (there are no images present)

· What is output color profile. I can’t find anything about it in the documentation and how to set is.


Any help is appreciated.






(document [system-id file:/D:/Work/Projects/Government/CFI/Projects/stijlgids/BAC1.fo]

  (validate [validation OK])



      (sequence-master [master-name PageOneBrief])

      (sequence-master [master-name PageRestBrief])

      (sequence-master [master-name PageLastBrief])

      (sequence-master [master-name blank])

      (sequence-master [master-name normalPages]))

    (sequence [master-reference normalPages]

      (flow [flow-name body])))


    (sequence [master-reference normalPages]

      (flow [1])

      (static-content [1])))

  (generate [output-format pdf][1]

    [warning] Some images lack alternate desription; 'No alternate description specified' will be used for these images.

    [warning] Fonts must be embedded with PDF/X and PDF/A; font 'Helvetica' will be embedded

    [warning] Fonts must be embedded with PDF/X and PDF/A; font 'Helvetica-Bold' will be embedded

    [error] Output color profile must be present in PDF/A-1a; PDF/A status reverted to 'none'.





Everest bv


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