[xep-support] SVG graphic goes missing

From: Mark Giffin <mgiffin@earthlink.net>
Date: Mon Nov 15 2010 - 16:00:35 PST

I get a missing SVG graphic on the cover of a PDF. XEP (or Sax) says it
can't access a W3C URL to validate the SVG. See Ant output below. I've
tried this on two separate PCs in two different geographic areas. I can
access the DTD URL it complains about with Chrome and Mozilla but not
IE8 (403 forbidden). Is it possible that the W3C server is having a
problem? Or is XEP not handling this properly? This has worked before
without a problem and no recent changes, for at least a year.

This works when I change the doctype declaration in the SVG to use a
local copy of the DTD.


Here is part of the output from Ant when I run the PDF:

      [echo] Outputting FO...
      [echo] Generating PDF...
      [exec] (document [system-id file:/C:/aa-xml/build/output.fo]
      [exec] (validate [validation OK])
      [exec] (compile
      [exec] (masters
      [exec] (sequence-master [master-name cover])
      [exec] (sequence-master [master-name copyright-page])
      [exec] (sequence-master [master-name contents])
      [exec] (sequence-master [master-name contact])
      [exec] (sequence-master [master-name object-index])
      [exec] (sequence-master [master-name odd-page])
      [exec] (sequence-master [master-name even-page])
      [exec] (sequence-master [master-name front])
      [exec] (sequence-master [master-name body]))
      [exec] (outline )
      [exec] (sequence [master-reference cover]
      [exec] (flow [flow-name xsl-region-body]
      [exec] [error] Failed to create image
mainline/userdocauto/doc_source/tools/xslt/logo.svg of type null
      [exec] [error] com.renderx.graphics.ImageFormatException:
ax.SAXParseException: Cannot read from
4/DTD/svg10.dtd (Server returned HTTP response code: 500 for URL:
      [exec] ))
      [exec] (sequence [master-reference copyright-page]
      [exec] (flow [flow-name xsl-region-body]))
      [exec] (sequence [master-reference front]
      [exec] (static-content [flow-name xsl-region-before])
      [exec] (static-content [flow-name xsl-region-after])
      [exec] (flow [flow-name xsl-region-body]))


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