[xep-support] no space for an element

From: Tom Moore <tmoore@spatial.ca>
Date: Tue Jul 07 2009 - 07:54:41 PDT

I am formatting a DocBook 5 document (with RelaxNG as schema) into a PDF
file. I get several messages stating 'no space for an element'.

How can I identify the location of the error, and then take corrective
action to prevent the problem?

I have looked up the page number where the error is reported, and then
looked at the page in the resulting PDF. I assume that the page numbers
in the XEP output are the literal page numbers written in the PDF (is
this correct?).

It looks like most of the errors refer to <programlisting> and <table>
elements that are large enough to span multiple pages, or that start low
enough on the page so that they are split over a page boundary. These
do not look like errors to me, and regardless, I am not sure about how I
should correct these problems.

I would like to get rid of them, because ignoring these error messages
might result in a real problem getting ignored. Is there a way to fix
the document so that these messages do not show up?



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