Re: [xep-support] performance&limits

From: Robert Goldsmith <>
Date: Thu Feb 26 2009 - 01:18:06 PST

Hi :)

We generate very large documents on occasion and we are certainly not
kind on XEP. Our documents usually have complex tables on every page
and 20 or 30 images per page (maybe 300 images, re-used throughout the
document). We have found that with a 64bit setup and with 4Gb of ram
assigned, we start getting problems around the 3700 page mark.
Sometimes we are ok, other times it falls over - all depending on
specifics of the xsl-fo. We transform our xml outside of XEP using
saxon directly and have never had a problem with saxon (xslt is
significantly better understood technology and saxon is very well
written to take advantage of known tricks and efficiency techniques).

Generally, we find it much more sensible to cut our document output up
into smaller chunks. Usually this is not a problem due to what we
generate and how it is used but on a couple of occasions we've had to
'sew' the documents back together and then things have got rather more
complicated - page numbers, content pages etc. causing problems.
Wherever possible we avoid such scenarios and have 6 rendering nodes
and a combination of EnMasse and our own frameworks to handle
distributed rendering - a setup which we are very happy with and which
can really crunch through rendering :)


On 25 Feb 2009, at 16:15, wrote:

> Hi,
> I was wondering if there is some benchmarking information out there.
> For example, what time (ball-park) should I expect for a 1000 page
> PDF (w 300 images)? Letís assume a decent machine, dual-core
> processor, enough RAM, 32-bit OS.
> I have another question regarding the limits of what RenderX can
> process on a 32 bit OS. Is there anyway RenderX would handle a 7000
> page PDF? What might be the limit?
> I do recall seeing somewhere a comment that RenderX requires around
> 1M per page of memory. I am assuming we are talking about memory
> that wonít be released until the PDF is out.
> Thank you,
> Cristian Curelaru

Robert Goldsmith
Senior Systems Integrator, Business Systems, SP Group
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