Re: [xep-support] performance&limits

From: John Maddock <>
Date: Thu Feb 26 2009 - 01:39:01 PST

> I've successfully generated 5000 pages PDF with images for the last 2
> years, on a standard Dell Laptop with
> 3Go RAM...

Wow, that's one large document ! :-)

One other smaller data-point: here at Boost the largest PDF we generate is
~700 pages and 6Mb in size. However, we have smaller documents that are
more prone to Java "Out of memory" issues - these have more images and quite
large indexes. The key trick is to modify xep.bat to give Java more memory
than the default - or else alter your JRM install so all Java processes get
more memory allocated to them - in other words the limit is not the machine
but how your JRM is configured.

HTH, John Maddock.

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