Re: [xep-support] performance&limits

From: Michael Sulyaev <>
Date: Thu Feb 26 2009 - 00:19:17 PST wrote:
> I was wondering if there is some benchmarking information out there.
> For example, what time (ball-park) should I expect for a 1000 page PDF
> (w 300 images)? Letís assume a decent machine, dual-core processor,
> enough RAM, 32-bit OS.

Hello Cristian,

Performance and limits highly depend on the nature of the document being
processed, on the configuration, on the nature and size of images, on
the font embedding/subsetting options. "1000 pages with 300 images" is
far not enough information to tell something about time and memory
requirements. Actually, the only way to estimate is to try running.

Once you have an estimate time T for 1000 pages, it would be a good
estimate that 500 pages would take T/2. However, T*2 may or may not be a
good prediction for 2000 pages.

> I have another question regarding the limits of what RenderX can process
> on a 32 bit OS. Is there anyway RenderX would handle a 7000 page PDF?
> What might be the limit?

7000 pages is, of course, possible, but again, all highly depends on
many particularities (see above). Increasing the volume, at some point
you may meet memory issues, but formally there is no limit, neither in
pages, nor in Megabytes of PDF file size.

By the way, why do you need a huge PDF? I know cases when huge
PostScript files must be produced, but PDFs are usually for human
beings, not for, say, printing.

> I do recall seeing somewhere a comment that RenderX requires around 1M
> per page of memory. I am assuming we are talking about memory that wonít
> be released until the PDF is out.

"1Mb/page" sounds really strange and is not true for many cases I know
and exercise daily. But theoretically it may be so for some corner
cases. Do your estimates match it? Try setting TMPDIR to a real
directory. Turn off linearization (and, may be, compression as well).
Turn off validation and XSL1.1 support. Feed in pure FO, not XML+XSL, or
make sure memory requirements for your stylesheet are plain if
transformed by Saxon.

I'd be glad to continue and help if you come with real documents and
measured figures to support at renderx dot com.

Michael Sulyaev

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