Re: [xep-support] Better Handling of keep-together commands

From: Michael Sulyaev <>
Date: Fri Feb 06 2009 - 03:02:54 PST

Guillaume Sejourne wrote:
> but I'm having a problem with the Error: no space for an element message in the command shell.
> I've spotted that this is because of the keep-together attributes I use in xsl:fo.

Hi Guillaume,
The problem is reported correctly as an error, because actually a keep
constraint is dropped.

> The thing is:
> 1/ This is not what I'd call an error, since the page skipping goes on, generation goes on, and no content is lost...
Well, you are getting an output file that does not match the input file
in terms of the strict processing rules - the XSL FO Recommendation. The
result matches an input that is similar to the one you feed XEP with,
but differs in a missing keep constraint.

> 2/ I'd understand it while using the keep-together="always" values, but I'm not...
Numeric values for @keep-* are not supported

> I'm using xep shell in quiet mode, but I feel right now there's no quiet mode...
You can make it really quite if you add 2>/dev/null or specify

Michael Sulyaev

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