[xep-support] Better Handling of keep-together commands

From: Guillaume Sejourne <guillaume.sejourne@bizanga.com>
Date: Thu Feb 05 2009 - 07:18:44 PST

This is an enhancement request rather...
I'm probably sure some ticket has already been open on this matter,
but I'm having a problem with the Error: no space for an element message in the command shell.

I've spotted that this is because of the keep-together attributes I use in xsl:fo.
The thing is:
1/ This is not what I'd call an error, since the page skipping goes on, generation goes on, and no content is lost...
2/ I'd understand it while using the keep-together="always" values, but I'm not...

I'm using keep-together="[INTEGER]" to specifically avoid these problems...
As explained in the xsl:fo specs, using an integer for a value implies a priority;
thus, failing this option should not give an error back...

I'm using xep shell in quiet mode, but I feel right now there's no quiet mode...

Best regards.
= = = ======= = = =

Guillaume Séjourné
Technical Writer
Bizanga Ltd.
= = = ======= = = =

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