Re: [xep-support] Page contents do not protrode onto bleed

From: Alexei Gagarinov <>
Date: Thu Nov 20 2008 - 09:16:57 PST


> The purpose of the bleed is that so that when you have an image or a
> color that needs to go to the very edge of the page, with a bleed you
> can make the crop marks further in so that you can be sure that when the
> printers do the cutting, the image/color goes to the very edge, because
> if they cut a bit less otherwise there will be a white edge on the paper.
> So is there no automatic way to do this with RenderX? Will I need to do
> it manually using <fo:table>?

You may do the following trick:
1. Define a page size that a slightly bigger than the real content.
(<fo:simple-page-master page-height="297mm+<bleed>"
page-width="210mm+<bleed>" master-name="main">)
where <bleed> is the size of a desired bleed area.
2. Set margins on fo:region equals to <existing margins>+<bleed>
3. Define all other regions (start, end, before, after), if don't have
them. Extent of each "auxiliary" region is the <existing extent> (if the
region did exist)+<bleed>.
4. Use any background color/content with the background color on a such
"bleed" area of regions.
5. Don't set 'bleed' using PI. Set 'crop' as you did.

I think the same trick is also suitable for you (if you don't use other
region's overriding techniques).


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