Re: [xep-support] Re: [docbook-apps] LaTeX + formulas & equations + graphics --> Dokbook + MathML + SVG

From: David Tolpin <>
Date: Sun Oct 19 2008 - 23:59:35 PDT

Hello Stephen,
> We> wonder about the XEP line-break algorithm that put some truly awful> hyphenation in Vector 23:4.
XEP does what you ask it to. Set hyphenation-remain-character-count( to 3instead of 2 and mark up file names using a markup for whichhyphenation is disabled, and the hyphenation will be good. Withsimilar parameters, TeX will break in the same places, with this sizeof the page and of the font.
> That might have been a mistake. Knuth considers typesetting a> finite problem completely addressed by TeX, and since TeX version 3, the> version numbers have converged on . So perhaps there aren't any loose ends> to work on.
Current imperfect state of XSL typesetting does not make TeX anybetter. Knuth is stuck in the seventies, TeX is a good low-levelglyph-placing engine, but it is not suitable for batch processing. Itis an interactive tool without GUI.
>> Did you consider storing the LaTeX source and using the LaTeX and latex2html> processes to generate other formats from it? Or does your CMS somehow> preclude that?
There is db2latex that occasionally yields good PDFs, but has to betuned, with quite a bit of black magic.
> Any views on our production and archiving strategy most welcome.>
The example you put a link to is badly formatted. But it is becausethe stylesheets it is formatted with are not up to the task, notbecause of drawbacks of XSL or deficiencies of any particularformatter. In contrast to TeX, however, where you will have to fiddlewith every issue's TeX parameters, once you do the work on thestylesheets once, you get good quality forever.
You just need professionally prepared style sheets to make the outputlook professional.
Regards,David Tolpin
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